about rgv den

Mission of the DEN

As the shelf life of films is decreasing, there is a tremendous demand for a huge number of quality films and web series. There is no denying that films are an art form, but one has to come to terms with the fact that it is a consumer product too. 

Filmmakers want it and rightly so that their creativity should not be interfered with or tampered with. But surely they would love it if a system could be put in place to help them set it on the right track in a systematic and scientific way which at least to the nearest point can ensure that the idea of the film they have gets presented in exactly the way it was intended by them to each and every viewer.

Why any filmmaker would after putting in so much time and effort deliberately want to make a flop? These would be reasons I gathered from my experience

The DEN’S endeavor is to minimize these problems and thus, ensure quality control.

Mission Statement

RGV DEN intends to nurture and grow both films and web series and also procure films from other makers if they suit the DEN’S sensibilities