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SAAREE: Too much love, can be too dangerous!

GENRE: A psychological thriller

DIRECTED BY ram gopal varma



Stalking is a very common syndrome all over the world, where out of an insane obsession for a woman, a man can become extremely dangerous.


A guy on a holiday with his friends spots a girl in a SAAREE. He gets so obsessed with her that upon facing rejection,  he turns extremely dangerous. He wants to have her ONLY for himself by hook or crook.


A random video was sent to RGV featuring a girl called Sreelakshmi from Kerala. When her video was put through the corporate selection procedures at RGV DEN, she was unanimously elected to be pitch perfect for a lead role.

BACKGROUND of HUNTING for Aaradhya Devi:

RGV tweeted a reel shot of Aaradhya requesting his followers to trace her out.

That tweet got an overwhelming response of 2.2 million views. It was only because of her very unique personality that attracted millions. People went berserk in sharing her reel.


Inspired by her screen presence and the videos of SreeLakshmi tweeted by RGV, a writer Kaavya Devidas came up with the full script of a psychological thriller called SAAREE.


The team at RGV DEN was also impressed by the cinematography talent of Aghosh Vyshnavam, who shot the Insta reels of SreeLakshmi. After watching some of his short films, the team also decided to sign him as the director for the film SAAREE.

SREELAKSHMI is now aaradhya devi:

SreeLakshmi’s parents have decided to change her screen name to AARADHYA DEVI, which the team at RGV DEN also thinks is better for cinematic purposes.


  • NAME: Sreelakshmi Sateesh
  • SCREEN NAME: Aaradhya Devi 
  • OCCUPATION: Student (M.Sc. Chemistry) 
  • RESIDENT: Kerala
  • TOWN: Kottayam 
  • LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi and English 

Aaradhya, About Herself

“I am a Keralite, born and brought up in Kottayam and I am on the verge of completing my post graduation in chemistry. I always had an interest in being photographed. One of these videos caught the attention of the creative team at RGV DEN and I was contacted by them.
I was narrated a story which really excited me, When I told my parents about this opportunity, they were very happy for me. My mother even insisted that I change my screen name to Aaradhya Devi, which even I like and the team at RGV DEN approved. Hoping To Be In Touch! Thank You!”

Following are my social media handles. 


  • NAME:  Aghosh Vyshnavam
  • OCCUPATION: Cinematographer, Fashion Photographer, Director
  • LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, English


“I am a Keralite, born and brought up in Trivandrum and currently occupied as Cinematographer, Fashion Photographer and Director (short-films & music videos). I always had an interest in photography and I have been shooting a lot of videos and short films. One of which, featuring a model Sreelakshmi, caught the attention of the creative team at RGV DEN and I was contacted by them. The RGV DEN team was impressed by my short films and after an interview with RGV, I was offered an opportunity to direct their upcoming film “SAAREE”.

Am thrilled to be directing a film which is being produced by Ram Gopal Varma.”

Here are my social media handles:

Some pics shot for the SAAREE look of Aaradhya Devi:

A compilation of video shots of Aaradhya devi:


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